Distance isn’t a separation...    it’s an opportunity.

Thomas Thibeault is available for signings, lectures, and interviews in person and through Skype.

If you would like a taste of a Thomas’s presentation, please view this excerpt posted by the John Locke Association who asked Thomas to present the Shaftesbury Lecture.

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University and high school classes, book clubs, and library groups have all enjoyed these face-to-face meetings with the author.

Skype brings readers and writers together, regardless of distance. This exciting venture joins all elements of writing and reading in a truly unique experience.

Thomas Thibeault, author of "Balto's Nose," explains the importance of the work of "Monuments Men" in recovering works of art stolen by Nazis during World War II. Thibeault offered these comments during an interview for Carolina Journal Radio (CarolinaJournalRadio.com) Program No. 480. Video courtesy of CarolinaJournal.tv.